Saturday, June 25, 2011


A lot of people ask me where I buy Andrew's clothes. If he is wearing something really cute, it came from one of two places--his grandmommy or Carolyn Weldon. Carolyn is the owner of Enhanced. She can make ANYTHING, and you will not find better prices in town. I wanted to share some of the things that she has made for Andrew recently because I know many of my readers are young moms and would probably love to use her. She works out of her home and you meet with her one on one, pick your fabrics, and talk about what you want. You won't get better service than that! Also, she will give you ideas if you are like me and not very creative. A lot of times, I will just look around her house at what she is making for other people and copy those ideas:)

If you are my facebook friend, Enhanced is one of the things that I "like."
Her website is
You will find Carolyn's email and phone number on that site.
Here are some things for Andrew. I realize now that I probably should have ironed them before the pictures! Double click to make them larger.

The next three things are for our upcoming beach trip.

She has a ton of ideas for football season!

If you know Andrew, then you know that he loves dinosaurs!

She can do cute big brother/sister outfits or coordinating outfits for all of your children.

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