Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things that I am looking forward to...

I have loved being pregnant. I really have not had any complications or major complaints. I have had a lot of heartburn, leg cramps, and some of the overall discomfort that comes from being pregnant. However, it's all about perspective. I prayed for this child and wanted desperately to be pregnant, so I will take whatever comes along with it. I have blogged before about friends who cannot conceive. I bet they wouldn't mind a little heartburn or a few leg cramps in order to carry a child. Thinking about pregnancy in this way makes it really hard to grumble or complain.

With that being said, there are several things that I am looking forward to during life AFTER pregnancy. The obvious list would include: holding Andrew, finally seeing what he looks like, gettng to know his personality, etc. If I included all of the things that had to do with the baby, that is all that I would have space to list. Therefore, I am going to list the top ten things that I am looking forward to after being pregnant (in no particular order) that do NOT have to do with Andrew.

1. Sushi--I have missed it soooo much. A lot of people say, "Just one sushi meal won't hurt." They are probaby right, but I have not done it. Sweet Joey has pretty much given it up too during pregnancy because I love it that much. Sushi was not just a food that I liked. It was my absolute FAVORITE food. 2. Sleeping on my back--I don't mind sleeping on my side, but I cannot wait to be on my back again. Ralph will be excited about this, too. He loves to snuggle in the bed, but prefers me on my back so that he can get in the position that he likes. Every night, he takes his paw and pushes on my shoulder to try to get me on my back.

3. Being able to reach my toes--It sure would make it a lot easier to paint my toenails!

4. Putting back on my engagement/wedding rings--I had to take all of my rings off about a month ago. I really do miss wearing them. I also feel judged sometimes in public when I waddle through the store with my huge, pregnant belly and no rings on. I want to tell people that I am married!

5. Hot baths--I LOVE to take baths, but I have to make sure not to get my bath water too hot right now. In the first trimester of pregnancy when this was the most crucial, I took a thermometer with me into the tub to make sure that the water was not too hot.
6. Random people NOT touching my stomach--You would be amazed at how many people think it is okay to touch your stomach. If you are reading this and you have touched my stomach, I am not talking about you because I KNOW you. However, it is really rude to ask a stranger to touch her stomach.
7. Being blonde--I have been a brunette since January 2009. This is when Joey and I began talking about becoming pregnant. I phased out the blonde slowly so that it would not be such a drastic change. I know that several women who color their hair have perfectly healthy pregnancies and babies. For us, we felt more comfortable not putting the chemicals on my hair. People often ask me if I will go back to being a blonde. Without a doubt..YES! I am just itching to get in that salon chair, and it will probably be one of the first things that I do after Andrew arrives.

8. Taking back over "Ralph jobs"--Poor Joey has had to do everything with Ralph as far as the cleaning/changing of the litter. It's not that I truly enjoy these jobs (who would?) but I feel guilty that Joey has to do it.
9. Being able to get out of bed--I get "stuck" a lot of times. Joey finds this hilarious, but it can be really frustrating. He has to give me an extra push or help me get up a lot of times.
10. Seeing Joey with Andrew--I know, I know, I said no baby related stuff. I had to put this one on here, though. Joey is the most handsome person I know, and I can't imagine what it will be like to see him holding our child. Here he is with our nephew, John Marshall. See what I mean? He's even cuter holding a baby!


  1. Steve used to have to PUSH me out of the bed in the morning. haha. Don't worry about your wedding rings. I bought a $15 set from Walmart after mine didn't fit anymore, and i OUTGREW those too!

  2. I am so excited for you and Joey! Less than a month away!! Yay!