Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy Summer

Lately, our lives consist of baby showers, vacations, time with family, and preparing for Andrew. Ralph and Joey work together on all nursery projects. Here are my two boys fixing the cable on the nursery television. Anyone who knows Cade also knows about his love for ninjas! Luckily, he is able to express his love for ninjas through his taekwondo. Joey and I went to one of his belt ceremonies. Way to go, Cade!
Cade and JoJo--Look at that brown belt!
After the belt ceremony, both boys came to spend the night with us. The sprinklers in our front yard are always a hit with Cole! Hopefully, the neighborhood doesn't mind that he runs through them wearing only underwear.
We also played horseshoes. The boys were actually pretty good at this!
Once it got dark and we had to come inside, Ralph was the most entertaining thing in our house. Cole looked through his toys to find the perfect thing. Ralph rarely lets anyone touch his toys without supervision.
Joey and I had another shower for Andrew at my home church in Wetumpka. To follow the theme of his nursery, everything was "under the sea."

The food was so delicious that John Marshall had to feed some of it to his grandmommy!

The people in my church were so generous. Joey and I opened presents for over an hour!

I cannot even begin to list everything that we received. The next several pictures show just some of our wonderful presents.

33 weeks pregnant

Thank you to all of the fabulous women who hosted the shower.
Joey and I decided to take one last vacation together before Andrew arrives. We enjoyed 4 days in Destin.Besides laying out and eating, we played putt-putt two of our nights there. Joey won the first night, and I won the second night.Finally, Cole celebrated his 4th birthday! It is hard to believe that he is getting so big. We love you, Cole!

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  1. Wow, I can't believe you are getting so close Emily!! You are going to be such a wonderful mama!