Tuesday, July 20, 2010

36 weeks

I have been a bad blogger lately. The truth is that there is simply not that much going on right now. Joey and I are not leaving Tuscaloosa anymore, and I spend most of my days at home relaxing...tough life, right? I have spent a great deal of my break preparing for my maternity leave. I couldn't do the actual physical work involved with setting up a classroom, so my family helped me out with that. Thanks, Meredith, Will, and Aunt Cristy! I am now 36 weeks pregnant and visit Dr. Myers weekly. Andrew got a great report this morning. His heartrate was 154 bpm. Joey and I were thrilled that he is in the correct position. I only gained 0.4 pounds in the last two weeks, so that brings my grand total to about 22 pounds so far. Based on my dilation (0.5 cm), effacement (50%), and Andrew's position (-3), Dr. Myers says that she feels that we are on track to have him close to our due date. However, in the next sentence she mentioned how things can quickly change. We will just have to wait and see! Joey and I finished up our last birthing class tonight. They have been helpful and informative, but we are both excited that we have completed all of them. We signed up for every class that the hospital offered, so it has consumed a great deal of time. Here is my 36 week baby bump:

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