Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baseball Time is Here

We are excited to be on the 5 year old Pirates this year.  Joey is the head coach.  He has turned our den into a baseball practice area. My parents were over one night and he told Andrew, "Don't hit your bat on the fireplace. It may hurt your bat!"  My dad laughed and said most people would say, " may hurt the fireplace!"  The last two seasons, Andrew has had the option of hitting off of the tee.  We tried to switch him over to coach pitch towards the end of the last season (fall) and he did pretty well.  He even had a homerun.  This season, he will be straight coach pitch, so that makes me a little nervous. 

Joey always finds a friend at the ballpark.  He seriously has ZERO interest in playing.  Son, when you look back one day and wonder why there are no pictures of you playing or in a team jersey, you were the one who refused!

On stormy, cold nights, we practice in our church gym.

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