Saturday, November 24, 2012

Joey's Birthday-Part 2

We had props for everyone to use to take fun pictures.  I bought some red cloth for a backdrop for the pictures, and I should have bought A LOT more cloth.  Oh well!  Some of them turned out cute. 

 Randi was a good sport and let Joey put a banana moustache on her. 
 See, my cloth was too short to cover the vent.  Ugh!
 I love the tie on Andrew.

 Andrew was a "prop hog" all night!
 Holly and Alex:
 This picture is so sweet. 
 Another Glasgow boy in love with Paw Paw's beard:
 We had a slideshow of pictures running on the television in the background.
Joey really enjoyed his cake.  Andrew got jealous that he was getting all of the attention, so we pulled a chair up for him.  Joey was not interested in wearing the birthday hat.

 Our sad attempt at a picture with all 4 of us:
Happy Birthday, Joey!  You are my sweet little buddy, and I love you more than you will ever know!  You are tough (because you have to be), but so kind and full of snuggles.  Our family is very lucky to have you.  We love you, little monkey!

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