Saturday, November 3, 2012


For Halloween, Joey dressed up as a monkey.  Andrew dressed up as Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney channel.  In case you do not have a toddler at home, this is Jake.
Here is our Jake!  He wore this to school on Wednesday for his class party. 
 That night, we had to put a shirt on under his costume because it has been pretty cold. He really liked having his hair spiked.
Dada and Joey:
Basically, all of our attempts at pictures were failures.  My camera broke, so I am using one that I do not like.  I just had a hard time getting good pictures.
A close up of the hair:
Happy first Halloween, Joey!
This was pretty much what most of my pictures looked like from the night:(
It is sad that this is the "best" one!
Joey rode the entire time.
Andrew would give him some kisses.
Andrew was REALLY into it this year.  He said, "trick treat"--no 'or' in the middle.  He also said, "thank you" when he received candy.  As soon as we would leave one house, he would say, "more, more trick treat." 
This is what Joey did almost the whole time.

Halloween was on Wednesday.  This picture was taken today-Saturday.  We have a small problem.  Andrew wants to wear his costume (with the addition of the two plaid belts seen here) every day.  It is a daily fight.  We have hidden the costume, told him the costume is broken, etc.  Since today is Saturday, I just let him wear it.  Notice that he also has a sucker.  He would eat his Halloween candy all day long if we would let him. He carries his pumpkin with him all over the house.  He even tries to take it in the bath with him, candy and all.  We also have hidden the pumpkin, but we are pretty weak and give it back to him. 

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