Friday, August 10, 2012

Red Day

Today was Red Day in Andrew's class.  They have been working on red all week. Andrew already knows his colors, but I am very happy that they have so much structure in his room and are reinforcing these skills.  He calls red, "yed."  Here are some of the red pictures that he colored this week.  He did some other ones, but I didn't take pictures of them all.  He has started to actually color.  In the past, he would just dot his paper with the crayons. 

He brought red treats for his friends.
They all wore red today.  I love this picture!  Andrew has recently become obsessed with "shucks," or trucks.  As I was snapping this picture, his eyes were watching a truck driving down the street.  The part that I don't love about this picture is the scratch on his cheek.  Andrew got in his first fight (over a tricycle) at school this week.  Unfortunately, it was his fault.  A little girl was riding, and he tried to steal it from her.  Apparently, she fought back. 
Making sure that I see the shuck:
Watching another shuck:

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