Sunday, August 5, 2012


We took a short, 3 night vacation to Orange Beach.  On our first night, we ate dinner with this beautiful view.
 Joey was an early riser.  Here he is playing in the condo while everyone else was sound asleep.
 Our second day at the beach started with a yummy breakfast.  We love to eat at the beach!
 Then, we had to pick up a few things at the store.  I accidentally pressed a button on my camera, so many of the pictures from this trip are blurry.
 Joey's first time on the beach:
 Our family of 4:
 Grandmommy had to hold Joey a lot.  He really wanted to eat the sand.  He didn't stay out very long.
 Andrew LOVED the beach this year.  He built sandcastles, looked at birds, played in the water, and pointed to (hair pains) airplanes.

 Playing in the (ya-ya) water.  This was about as deep as we let him go. I did not want ocean water in his ears since he has tubes.

 The pool at the condo was awesome for Andrew!  It was 1 foot all around.  He was able to play without his vest, which he loved.

 Ready for dinner on night 2:
 Andrew ate a lot of crab dip.  He thought it was so cool that the chips were different colors.
 We went to The Wharf to do some shopping.
 There was a train that blew bubbles.  It doesn't get much better than that!
Dada thought that Andrew would enjoy Build-A-Bear.  I thought that he was too young, but I was wrong.  They picked out his animal together.  Andrew selected a monkey.

 He had to press the pedal to stuff him.
 Then, he had to give him a heart. He kissed the heart before putting it in his chest.
 Next, his monkey had to have a bath.

 Finally, his monkey needed a birth certificate.  His official name is Mikey Marvin Glasgow.
 Such a good boy:)
 I hate that this is so blurry, but here is Andrew giving MMG some love!
 After that, we went to get some Dippin' Dots-Andrew's first time to have them:
 Day 3 breakfast at Tacky Jacks:
 Feeding the fish:
 Then, it was time to go back to the beach.

 After the beach, Andrew napped with his grandparents while the rest of us went outlet shopping.
 We drove home on Day 4.  We had to make some playground stops to break up the trip.
 The boys really did well in the car, though.

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