Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Chair Pictures

Before I post the pictures from this month, I don't think that I ever posted last month's picture.  Joey, when you read this one day, I am very, very sorry for doing such a bad job with your monthly pictures.  Please forgive me.  I love Joey's 8 month picture.  His expression is so "him."
 Since that picture, he has learned that he is supposed to smile and the camera. Ha!
 A close up of that sweet smile:
 My plan has always been to do yearly pictures after the boys turn 1.  I thought that Andrew would be easy, but he was not in the mood.
 We tried again after his bath without any success.
 Here is the best shot that we got of him.  He won't look at the camera because he is smiling at his dada.
Joey at 9 months:
*Mama's boy-BIG TIME-You love me more than anything in this world.  You will just lay beside me, hold my hand, and stare at my face.  Whenever we get a chance, we will snuggle together for hours, normally while Andrew naps. 
*Still sleeping through the night, but will not nap during the day-my fault because you have been spoiled by our daily snuggle sessions
*Pulling to stand, cruising while holding on to something, able to stand without holding anything for about 2 seconds
*VERY fast crawler
*Babbling constantly
*Drinking both formula and breastmilk
*Still eating only homeade baby food--not interested in finger foods, yet
*Sweet potatoes are your favorite.
*You have started to cry when I drop you off at school.  I stand outside of your class until I know that you are okay, which normally takes less than a minute.
*You think Andrew is really funny.  Sometimes, when you are upset I will tell Andrew to make you laugh, and this works about 90% of the time.
*You LOVE television.  Andrew wasn't allowed to watch tv at your age, but you lucked out since Andrew watches it now.  You will sit like a statue and stare at the screen.
*You still only have 2 teeth.
*You are in size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes.

Andrew at 2 years:
*So many words-some of my favorites are "sauce-um" (awesome), "tector" (detector-still loves smoke detectors), "mah-man" (Aww, man when something bad happens), "oooollll tide" (roll tide-whenever you see an elephant or your houndstooth hat)
*Interested in the potty, used it once, but we are not potty training, yet
*Favorite foods (in no order)-lobster bisque, steak, watermelon, kale chips, oreos, salsa (you call it red soup), bbq, oatmeal, and all types of rice
*You love sweet tea.  I am a terrible mom for introducing it to you, but the damage has been done.
*You bounce from obsession to obsession.  One week you are really into something, and then it will change the next week.  Lately, you have been stuck on trucks and school buses.  I have to race to daycare to get you so that we can be in the car riding before the buses finish their routes.  Sometimes, we will follow them, and you can barely contain your excitement.
*You really, really love your brother. You give him a kiss each morning before he goes into his class.  If you hear him crying, you get very upset.  You will grab a pacifier and run to him.
*You are becoming so independent.  You don't want any help even when you really need it.  This morning, you were spilling oatmeal all over yourself, but wanted to feed yourself.
*You are very particular about what socks you wear.  I pick out your clothes, but you like to choose your socks.  I have just decided to not stress when you don't match-and you never do. 
*You love water.  You get excited when we go swimming, take baths, or even pass a lake/river.
*You know all of your colors and numbers up to 9.
*You are still in speech therapy because you are not putting words together with the frequency that you should be.  You are no longer in physical therapy because you do not need it.
*You are in size 5 diapers and 3T clothes.

We love you boys both so very much!

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