Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pictures from the Hospital

Baby Joey,

We welcomed you into the world Monday afternoon. Here are some pictures from our days in the hospital.

Mama before delivery:

Family waiting for your arrival:

Your big debut:

First moments with Mama and Daddy:

Dada was actually wearing a pink shirt during the delivery, but he put on a blue shirt after you were born.

Meeting your family for the first time:


Aunt Susan:


Cousins-Cole and Cade:

Aunt Holly and Cole:

Aunt Olivia, Paw Paw, and Uncle Steve:

Meeting your brother for the first time:

Dada and Andrew celebrated your arrival with gum cigars!

Andrew is not very sure about this new brother thing!

Our family

Andrew snuggled with me a little. Family Feud was on the television when this picture was taken, so he was watching it.

Children's Minister from our church, Lynne Payne

Mama's boss, Mrs LaFoy

Buhl Elementary Friends--Anna McCray, Kim Hodge, and Laura McGough

Robin Thurston

Julie Salter

Another pastor from our church, Scott Moore

Andy McCartney---Your brother's namesake

Randi Hall

Laurie Mayo---the one who knew all along that you were a boy:)

Her mom, Carolyn Weldon, also knew and monogrammed the going home outfit.

Jennifer and Brooke Duckworth

Our family's "going home" outfit:

Ready to leave the hospital:

Walkng into your house for the first time:

First full day at home:

We love you, little buddy. Welcome to our family:)

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  1. What a sweet little boy!! I pray many blessings for your family and your new addition! He is a cutie.