Sunday, November 27, 2011

Joey-3 weeks

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHN MARSHALL RATHMELL! He is 3 years old today, and all of the Glasgows love him very much!

It is hard to believe that Baby Joey will be three weeks old tomorrow. We have been working very hard at our house to spend a lot of one on one time with Andrew and to constantly show him how much he is loved even though we have a new baby. So, Andrew and his dad went for an afternoon trip to ride some small rides at our mall. Andrew loves them. When I called to check on them, they were finishing a snack from the Cookie Company and were both having fun.

Anyway, I got some quality time with my little Joey while they were gone. Some of these pictures are not very good because I do not like to flash in his face. We took a bath.

Put on a new Noah's Ark outfit from Julie Salter:

Superman stretches on the playmat:

Tummy Time:

Of course we found some time for some snuggling, too.

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