Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Weekend

We had another very busy weekend. Even though Joey worked a lot, it was relaxing and fun to be with my boys. On Friday, our family went to Wings and then shopped for a swingset. We went to two different places, but we didn't find what we wanted.

On Saturday, Andrew and I shopped for a few things while Joey worked. Then, we picked him up and went to Birmingham to spend the day at my sister's house. We got to see Amelia and my mom has been staying with her, so she was there. We do have a small problem. I was scared to hold Amelia because she was sooo little! I told Joey that there was no way that Andrew was ever that small! I just don't remember having a baby that little. I guess I better get over my fear soon:) We came home to watch Alabama dominate Florida.

On Sunday, Joey got up very early to go to work but was able to meet us at church. I woke up on Sunday thinking about Cypress Inn rolls. After church, we went to Cypress and ran into some of our favorite people! Here we are with Christin and Jack.

I really wanted to take Andrew to the fair Sunday afternoon. Some friends of ours from church (with babies) said that there were some rides perfect for his age. However, Andrew decided to take a 4 hour nap on Sunday. With the fair idea out, we decided to go to a park. My buddy read about tractors on the way.

I do not understand why a baby swing would not have straps. He loved the swing, but one of us had to stand right in front of him the entire time.

I'm not so sure about this slide, Da da!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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