Friday, September 9, 2011

Jacob/Caroline Update

We were not going to have any showers for this little one, but my home church in Wetumpka had a different plan! On Wednesday night, my home church threw a surprise shower for my sister and me. Since neither Susan nor I were there, Mama and Daddy got to open the presents for their grandbabies. I went to my church in Tuscaloosa that night, so I was very confused when my parents called to tell me that I had just had a shower. The shower had a pink and yellow theme for Baby Amelia and Baby Glasgow.

I love this picture of my mom. She had finished her Bible Study and was about to go home. Her friend asked her to come upstairs, and she saw the shower. My dad had already left to go home, so she had to call him back to the church.

Look at all of our presents!

Granddaddy and Grandmommy opening presents for Amelia and Jacob/Caroline:

Joey and I want to thank everyone in Wetumpka for our shower. I can't wait to see everything that our little one got.

In other Jacob/Caroline news:

I went to the doctor yesterday for a 31 week check up. My blood pressure was good and I was measuring right on schedule. My doctor was a little concerned about my weight gain--9 pounds. We are just going to watch it and make sure that it picks up in these final weeks. I am not dieting, but I began this pregnancy about 10 pounds heavier than I did with Andrew. I'm guessing that my body just didn't need as much weight this time since I didn't lose all of my weight from my first pregnancy??

When the nurse tried to get J/C on the doppler, she could not hear the heart. I would normally panic at this, but I could see (and feel) him/her going absolutely crazy. He/she would not hold still long enough to hear the heart for a very long time. Finally, she was able to get it--143 bpm. I am a little concerned about how wild this baby acts. I still do not have to do kick counts because this one moves all of the time. We are now going to the doctor every 2 weeks. It is getting very close! Everyone at work and Andrew's daycare think that I am having a girl. All of my family (with the exception of David) thinks that it is a boy. Joey says that he has no clue. I go back and forth, but most days I think that we have a Jacob and not a Caroline. We will be thrilled either way!

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  1. I think she will be a Caroline!! and that is so nice of your home church to do that for y'alll!