Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Floor Time

Our family still spends a good bit of time on the floor together each night. Here are some pictures of new things that Andrew likes to do during this time.

He has been rolling for several days now. He rolls from his back to his tummy a lot. He has only rolled from his tummy to his back once. He is all or nothing with the rolls and never stops to lay on his side. He figured out that he could stop mid-roll and lay on his side tonight, and he seemed to really enjoy it.
Andrew is also old enough now to actually play with his toys. He grabs them, shakes them, eats them, etc. He really likes his giraffe. It rattles and has different colored feet that he loves to grab.

Andrew keeps his hands in his mouth constantly. He normally uses the first two fingers on his left hand. This is the classic Andrew pose:
However, he will occasionally mix it up and go with the right hand. This is pretty rare, though.

My boys love to spend time on the floor together playing with Andrew's new dog, Scout. Scout is a really cool dog because you can personalize him by downloading your child's information from the computer. Joey programmed him to sing songs with Andrew's name in them and cats. How can you go wrong with that selection?

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