Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures from the weekend...

Ralph has many loves in his life: Temptations cat treats, drinking water from a faucet, snuggling in bed with Joey and me, taking elastic hair bands to the laundry room, and knocking empty cups over. But above all of these things, Ralph LOVES shoes. He will play with all shoes, but his favorite pair would have to be my black flip flops. He loves to stick one paw in them like he is wearing them. One thing Ralph hates: the flash from the camera. This is why this picture is so dark. When I do use a flash, we end up with a "squinty-eyed" picture like this!Joey and I went to a party for the management of Mercedes on Saturday night at the Yacht Club in Tuscaloosa. Joey took a baby bump picture in our foyer before we left. Thank you, Susan for the dress...and pretty much all of the other maternity clothes that I have! I am 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant in this picture. The third trimester is right around the corner! I still have very few complaints with the pregnancy. I feel great almost all of the time. Overall, I am just really excited for Andrew to get here!
This week is my last full week of school. While I am excited about the break, this time is always bittersweet for me as I realize that my time with another wonderful group of students is coming to a close. I have been blessed once again with a great class this year. It is hard to believe that I will begin my 7th year of teaching in August. I don't feel old enough to have taught that long, but then again Joey and I discuss regularly that we don't feel old enough to be parents!

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