Tuesday, May 11, 2010

26 weeks

Holy Cow...this pregnancy is FLYING by! I am getting huge, Andrew is moving constantly, Joey and I have started our classes at the hospital, and the nursery is coming together. I apologize for the bad picture, but Joey is not home from work yet and I have neglected to take serveral weeks of "bump" pictures. As soon as he gets home, we have to leave for the hospital to go to another class. There is a lot going on with Andrew in the 26th week. He is now able to distinguish between Joey's voice and my voice...wonder if he recognizes Ralph's meow, too? :) He also is beginning to open his eyes. Regardless of their future color (which I hope that he has his daddy's beautiful, brown eyes) his eyes are blue right now. His fingernails and toenails have now fully grown into place. If born today, he would have about an 80% chance of survival. I have been able to feel Andrew for several weeks. Last night was the first time that Joey ever felt him kick, though. I hope that everyone has a wonderful night!

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