Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Joey and a LITTLE nursery work

Joey is 32 today! It is hard to believe that he was only 27 on our first date. Joey hates having his picture on the blog, so I won't put any birthday pictures up. Ralph, Andrew and I planned a scavenger hunt all over our house this morning for him to find his presents. He also took the day off of work, and now we are about to go out for a fancy dinner.

A couple of nights ago, I finally got motivated to work a little in our nursery. I washed all of the clothes that we had for Andrew. I used Dreft, and now the clothes smell like a sweet, baby boy. Out of the thousands of baskets of laundry that I will do for my children in my lifetime, here is the first:
I should have taken a "before" shot of this closet. Previously, it was our winter coats, halloween costumes, old bridesmaid dresses, etc. closet. It was where we put everything that didn't really belong in our closet. So, most of the time "working in the nursery" was really spent cleaning out the closet. Here is how it looks now.
To me, Andrew's socks are some of the cutest things that I have ever seen. They are just so tiny. Here is his sock drawer so far.

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