Monday, April 19, 2010

23 weeks pregnant with a flipping, kicking, dancing, little man:)

We are now 23 weeks pregnant! I love feeling Andrew kick and move all of the time. He is a wild man! I thought it would hurt when he started really moving around, and maybe it will once he gets bigger. Right now, I think it is one the most amazing feelings in the world. It comforts me to know that he is moving and doing what he is supposed to be doing. Andrew is now larger than one pound. He is able to hear what is going on around him, and forming taste buds this week. His lungs are continuing to strengthen this week. He basically consumes my thoughts and the conversations that Joey and I have. We can't wait to meet our little man:)

Joey and I are both very busy with work. He is going to have to go to Germany sometime in the near future for an upcoming project. At least he will just be gone a week. Earlier in the month he was making me very nervous with talk of us MOVING to Germany for a couple of years. Thankfully, it looks like he will just be making a few trips. If I were not pregnant, I would be going with him. I took a huge test today for an additional teaching certification. I have been studying for it during all of my free time, so I am very excited to be finished with it. I think Joey is thrilled for me to not be worrying about it and unable to do anything with him because I was always studying. I will not find out the results of my test until around Thanksgiving. I kept telling myself that I would start working on the nursery as soon as I finished my test, so I guess that time has come! I will post pictures soon--right now it is just an empty room, so there is nothing to post. I just laugh when people ask me if we have finished the nursery....haven't even started!

As far as the pregnancy, I still feel WONDERFUL. I don't have any trouble sleeping. I feel full of energy, and excited about our future. I occasionally have painful leg cramps at night that I have read are very normal. My heartburn is much better, and only bothers me about once a week now. Overall, I can't complain! I have been diagnosed with marginal previa, also called placenta previa.

Dr. Myers feels confident that it will resolve itself by the third trimester. If it does not, I will have to have a C-section, but we still have such a long way to go that I am not worrying about it. The good news is that now we get an ultrasound every month to check my progress, so I get to see my little man even more!

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