Saturday, April 24, 2010

Congratulations, Steve and Olivia!

After 1 year and 8 months of dating, my brother asked Olivia to marry him on Friday night! I will start with the picture that everyone wants to see--THE RING! The ring was custom made for Olivia. One stone was my grandmother's, one stone was her grandmother's, and Steve bought one stone. I love how the stones represent the joining of the two families, while the new stone represents their new life together! Here is how it happened! Steve and Olivia met at the Wynlakes Country Club in Montgomery at a dinner. Therfore, Steve really wanted the proposal to take place in the room where he first met her. To get her to go to the country club, he told Olivia that they had to go to an event for his fraternity, Sigma Nu. The club worked so well with Steve and even created fake signs for the event.

Once Oliva walked into the room for what she thought was the Sigma Nu event, there were candles, rose petals, pictures, and music playing their song, "Georgia On My Mind." Joey and I both took the day off on Friday to pick up the rented candleabras (sp?), to spend the day with Steve, and to set the room up with my mom. Being the engineer that he is, any candle that was even SLIGHTLY leaning drove Joey crazy. Here he is making sure that everything is perfect.
My mom and Joey pose about an hour before Steve pops the question!
This was one of the many pictures set up on the tables. This one is my favorite.
Here is the finished room. It was beautiful in person, and the music playing made it even better. After taking this picture, we went to hide in the car to spy on them coming to the country club!
Here they are walking into the club. Olivia has on the orange dress, Steve has on the khaki suit, and I do not know who that is in the black suit.

After the proposal, Steve and Oliva went to her mom's house to show her the ring. Olivia did not know, but Steve had also planned a surprise engagement party. I did a terrible job of taking pictures at the party, and this is one of the few that I got. There was a professional photographer at both the engagement and the party, so I will get more soon.

Congratulations to the happy couple! We love you both, and we cannot wait for the big day!

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