Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jesus put a cat in my belly!

After finding out that we were pregnant, Joey and I told our immediate family right away. Because Cade is in a stage where he starts every sentence with, "Hey, you know what?" we thought it would be funny for him to be the one to reveal the secret to the Glasgow family. Joey pulled him to the side, prepped him, and then he delivered his line perfectly! Both Cade and Cole were intrigued by the fact that there was a baby in my belly, and wanted to rub it and stared at it waiting for the baby to come out at any moment. At this point, I was only 4 weeks pregnant so we tried to explain to them that it would be a very long time, but Cade was persistent in asking, "Is it going to pop out yet?" Eventually, the boys wanted to know exactly how the baby got in my stomach. I told them that Jesus had put the baby in there. After some thought, Cole announced that Jesus had put a cat in his stomach. Now, several weeks later, Cole is still certain that he is growing a cat inside of his stomach!

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