Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yesternight and Aww, man!

In a house with two toddlers, we have a lot of mistakes when speaking.  We correct and model the appropriate ways to speak, but then I find myself a little sad when the corrections are made because sometimes the mistakes are just so cute.  For example, Andrew called Joey, "Jody" for about two months.  I knew that we had to correct it, but I miss it now that he calls him by the right name.  Here are my current favorite mistakes:

Andrew is beginning to understand the concept of time.  He is correctly using:
However, he does not say "last night."  Instead, he says "yesternight."  It sounds strange, but it really does make perfect sense when you think about it.  If there is a yesterDAY, why is there not a yesterNIGHT?

Joey's mistake is also cute and funny.  At the end of prayer, he thinks that we are saying. "Awww, man!"  He says it over and over again after we pray.  Even though I expect it each time, it still cracks me up so much!

I love my two little stinkers!

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