Sunday, September 22, 2013

Andrew's 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Andrew's 3rd birthday last month with a bowling party.  I let him pick out his cake, and he selected the cupcakes below.  He even told me that he wanted them to be chocolate.  This was my favorite birthday so far because he really understood everything.  He knew that he would not be two anymore.  He understood that everyone was there to celebrate him, that he had to blow out the candles, and that it would be his name in the "Happy Birthday" song.  We kept the party VERY small.  We only invited immediate family and his class at school, with the exception of Jack who has been a big buddy since birth.
 Jack and Andrew were the most serious bowlers in the group.
 Andrew and Joey:
 Joey and Amelia:
 L-R: Joey, Cole, Cade, David Ryan (Heather and Ashlyn were there, too) Lincoln, John Marshall, Susan, Andrew, Jack and Christin
All of Andrew's aunts and uncles came to celebrate with him.  Notice Baby Joey passed out in the back.  He spent the rest of the party asleep on Olivia's lap.
 Andrew and Jack seriously bowled/jumped with excitement the entire time!
 I love how Andrew's friend, Eli, is blowing with him. John Marshall reminded him to make a wish.
 Big Buddies:)
 Joey finally woke up.
 Randi never misses a Glasgow party!
 More family pictures:

How sweet is this good-bye hug from John Marshall?

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