Monday, May 20, 2013

Andrew-2 years and 9 months

Andrew is a precious little boy.  He talks all of the time, and he is able to carry on conversations.   I love that he uses all types of words now.  I asked him yesterday if he needed to go potty.  He answered with, "I already went potty."  The fact that he knows words like "already" just blows my mind.

Unless you spend a great deal of time with Andrew, you will probably not hear him talk that much.  He is pretty shy in public.  If we run into a friend out and about, Andrew will bury his head into me and not speak.  At home, he never stops talking!

He understands the concept of family and knows that we all have the same last name. Sometimes, he calls me "Mama Glasgow."  He likes to look at pictures of his famiy and name everyone.  He knows who belongs together.  For example, Susan and Marshall go together, and Jamie and Holly go together.  He likes for his whole family to be together. He calls family "fam-yee."  If I say that I am going to the store and that he is going to stay home with his dad, he will say that the whole fam-yee needs to go to the store. 

He is starting to talk about Jesus, which absolutely melts my heart.  He was playing with his playdough last night (a new obsession that he calls may-dough) and I told him that it was time for bed, so he needed to put his playdough night night.  Well, he started talking to his playdough as he put it back in the containers.  He said, "Night, night may-dough, sweet dreams, Jesus loves you."  He sings all of the words to Jesus Loves Me pretty accurately, except he makes one change that I love.  He sings, "...They are weak, but him be strong."

Despite the pronoun error in the song, I have been really surprised with his use of pronouns.  He almost always uses his pronouns correctly, even the word I.  I try really hard not to use baby talk with him and to model this.  Sometimes, our modeling backfires!  Baby Joey was crying in the car one day.  Big Joey (totally kidding) said, "Knock it off!" Now, Andrew says that EVERY TIME Joey cries.

He is incredibly compassionate.  Sometimes I will fake cry (don't judge) just because he is so sweet when he thinks someone is upset.  He will come rub my hair and say, "It's okay, Mama Glasgow.  Andrew is here."  There is a little boy at school who cries when his mom leaves him.  Andrew will hug him and say, "It's okay.  Your mama will be right back."

Andrew loves loves loves a list.  Today, I told him that we needed to go to the bank, the cow place (Chick-fil-a) and then we would come back home.  He will take a minute to process the information.  Then, he will say, "Nun-ner 1-bank, nun-ner 2-cow place, nun-ner 3-go back home."  As he says each number, he will count the numbers on his fingers.  After we finished the bank, he told me that it was time for number 2.  He can remember an entire day of numbers.  When I wake him up, I will go through all of the numbers.  Let's say that going to Paw Paw's house is number 4 and finishing school was number 3;  He will tell me when I pick him up, "nun-ner 4 go to Paw Paw's house."  It amazes me that he remembered it all day long.  We have to be careful not to tell him things unless we are certain that we are going to do them.  However, he does not go crazy if his numbers get messed up. 

He knows the streets of Tuscaloosa and where we turn to go to different places.  It is actually quite impressive. 

He loves to be outside playing basketball with the neighbors.  The boys spent the weekend away with my parents, and my doorbell kept ringing on Saturday.  It was the neighbors coming to see if Andrew could come out to play.  This made me so sad that he is big enough for that to happen.  After coming in from outside, he likes to take a whirlpool bubble bath in my tub.  I guess he did get some of my genes after all!

He is completely potty trained at school.  At home, he does pretty well.  Being in public is still a challenge for us. 

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