Monday, June 11, 2012

Saturday Night with Friends

When I started dating Joey, I began hanging out with several of his buddies and their girlfriends-now wives.  Most of the guys were Joey's friends from high school, and some of them we met through church.  We get together with this group of friends about once a month to hang out.  On Saturday, we went to the Porter house.  They have two little girls, so Andrew got to play with a lot of pink things.

 There was actually a very special reason that we got together.  One of our friends, Jonathan Grammer, married Courtney about two years ago.  Courtney's daughter, Sarah, officially became a Grammer recently.  The night was all about celebrating her and her new last name.
Here is Sarah opening her monogrammed Grammer presents.  You may notice that Andrew is eating even though nobody else is eating.  He was apparently very hungry.  While everyone was standing around talking, he went to the kitchen table and said, "eat, eat."  That was normal Andrew behavior, but what he did next is one of my favorite Andrew memories.  I looked up at him, and he was standing alone by the kitchen table with his hands together and his head bowed to say his blessing.  I normally remind him before we eat that we are going to say our blessing, but I had not done so. I was so proud of him, and I let him go ahead and eat. 

 After dinner, we all went outide to play.
 5 years ago, we were friends hanging out late, going on vacations, and driving all over to watch Alabama football games.  Now, there are kids everywhere when we get together.

 Andrew climbing the rock wall:
 Joey got so tickled when he rubbed the dog.

 Chris and Amy were naturals with Joey. 

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