Saturday, March 24, 2012

Children's Hands on Museum

We took the boys to the Children's Hands on Museum (CHOM) this morning. We started out in the farming exhibit.There was an activity with chicken eggs. Andrew did not do the activity, but he did take the majority of the eggs, roll them around the exhibit, and then chase them while screaming BAW (ball) at the top of his lungs!Watering the flowers:You press the button and the animal lights up while making its sound. He would moo with the cow each time.He went down the silo slide several times with the help of his dada.Another slide in a different exhibit:He liked looking at the fish.One of his favorite things was the produce truck. He sat in the bed of the truck and played with all of the produce. Andrew loves taking things out of containers/baskets and then putting them back in.Then, he drove the truck.Andrew also likes to make piles. He will take all objects that are alike and stack them in a pile. For example, I found about 20 shoes stacked in front of my bedroom door the other day. He made some stacks for the museum visitors. I am sure that the staff really appreciated this:)There was also a play ship that he walked through.We had to take a break to feed Joey.After that, we went to the room with different "BAW" activities. He was mesmerized by the flying balls.However, the absolute highlight of his day was the ball booth. You get in the booth, shut the door, and balls begin flying everywhere. It cracked him up so much.He lasted for about 2 minutes after we got back in the car.

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