Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Missing Da-da

Joey is in Germany this week for work, so we have all been missing him very much. My mom is staying with us and helping me with the boys.
Andrew and I went on a "date" this morning to Chick-fil-a. He liked taking all of his hashbrowns out of the box and then putting them all back in the box...over and over again!
He managed to eat a few, too.Then, we went to the indoor playground. It was a HUGE success. He was a little uncertain at first.Once he started playing, he laughed the entire time. He would crawl up the slide as fast as he could and then slide down backwards, laughing the whole way down.Happy Boy:The Beauty Shop and Pet Store were the perfect size for him.He matched the animals in the Pet Shop.After Chick-fil-a, Andrew went to school and Joey, my mom, and I went to Birmingham. We ate at Surin with my sister. After lunch, we went to Whole Foods. As with Andrew, I am going to make all of Joey's baby food. Even though he will not start until 6 months, I want to freeze everything before my maternity leave is over. Also, I have the best free help in the world staying with me this week! We picked out some yummy food for our sweet boy. I like this picture because it captures what my life is like right now--the black backpack is my breastpump. I pretty much always have it with me. I told my mom in the car today that I cannot wait for the day that I can burn it. Yes, I hate it that much!Joey looks pretty peaceful in this picture, right? Well, looks can be VERY deceiving. Shortly after this picture was taken, he started crying...and crying...and crying. I told my mom that I was going to the front of the store to try to comfort him. She continued shopping. It got so bad that I motioned for her and told her to check out right away. I could not get him to stop crying. I was upset because he was upset, plus (to be totally honest) I was mortified. I could feel everyone looking at me. One old lady walked up to me and handed me a quarter. I'm not sure how she thought that would help me! He did calm down, and we were able to finish our shopping. Hopefully, I will have a freezer full of baby food tomorrow night!

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