Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cade!

Our nephew turned 7 this week, and we celebrated with a LEGO party!

It was really well organized with different stations of activities for different children. They also had activities set up for different age groups. Here is the birthday boy (plus Joey and Andrew) at one of the coloring tables. It is hard to believe that Joey and I went shopping for his first birthday present together when we started dating.Andrew enjoyed playing with the blocks. There were some very pretty baby girls that caught his eye.Joey with his Paw Paw and Jan:Someone pointed out to me the strange way that Andrew sits when he plays. He normally does sit in this position. Not posed, I promise!I also wanted to share some pictures from last weekend. There is a neighborhood close to ours that has a nice playground, so we drive over and use it sometimes. Baby Joey is not really able to get in on the action just yet!Andrew has recently started to really like slides.His shoes were skidding as he slid, so Joey asked him if he wanted to take his shoes off. I love how he holds up his feet when we talk about his shoes.Swings--It was hard to get good pictures because they were moving.Waving to Mama:)

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