Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekend in Wetumpka

Our family went to Wetumpka for the weekend to celebrate Steve's birthday (25!) and a church shower for Steve and Olivia. I love it when all of us are at my parents' house. My sister's son, John Marshall wanted to ride his tricycle, but the seat was too high. Jo Jo and John Marshall got right to work fixing it.

Aunt Susan stole some snuggles from my sweet man!
The cousins played in Grandmommy's kitchen while she cooked supper.

On Sunday morning, we all got up and had some breakfast.Stuffed after eating:
Our church threw a shower for Steve and Olivia. They are getting married on May 21st. Here they are with their wonderful hostesses.
Everything at the shower was beautiful!

Andrew with Beth Coleman:
In the middle of the shower, Andrew got sleepy and slept on his dad.
Meanwhile, Steve and Olivia opened some great gifts!
Then, Andrew caught a second wind and got in the middle of the action.
Here is Mama with some of her friends from church. Yes, Andrew did have an outfit change. We won't discuss why:)
The Reneau kids:
Andrew with his Aunt Olivia:

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