Tuesday, March 15, 2011

7 months

Happy 7 months, Andrew! This is really hard to believe! Andrew is such a wonderful baby! He is easy to take care of, normally happy, and finally SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Yesterday, I saw his first tooth! It is hard to see, but it is there. He has a rattle that he loves that his teacher gave him. He takes it everywhere. We went to eat lunch with Joey and he had snuck it into his carseat without me knowing. Last weekend, he started sitting in his stroller like a big boy. Usually, we sit his infant seat into the stroller so that he is facing us. Now, he does not have to have the infant seat in the stroller, so he is able to face out.
Finally, he is able to really help his dad pick out supplies at Home Depot.
He LOVES to eat. We cannot get the food in his mouth fast enough. I have yet to find anything that he doesn't like. I am on Spring Break, so I plan to make a lot of food for him this week so that he can try some new things. Avocado anyone?
Today, Andrew and I spent the day in Birmingham with his buddy, Jack. Jack's mom is one of my best friends, Christin. Our boys are only 3 weeks apart. Another best friend, Amy Ridgeway, rode up with Andrew and me. We also met Julie Howard (another sorority sister) in Birmingham. Here is Baby Jack:
Jack made Andrew this sweet sign and hung it in his den. Thanks, Jack!
Our first stop was Jack's house where the boys played on the floor and ate some lunch.

Then, we all went to lunch and spent the afternoon shopping. Our little boys were great at the mall. I hope that everyone who has a Spring Break is enjoying it!

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