Sunday, February 20, 2011

6 months

Andrew turned 6 months old on Tuesday! He is becoming such a big boy with a precious personality. He is now 28 inches long (90th percentile) and 17 pounds, 4 ounces (or 17.25 pounds) which is the 50th percentile. Our pediatrician says that she thinks he will be a tall, lean man. Here is his 6th month picture and his 1st month picture for comparison.
This was the first time that Andrew was aware of Donald Duck beside him. It was difficult to get a good picture because he wanted to hug/play with /eat Donald! Here are the bloopers from this month.

I have been so excited about Andrew turning 6 months because it meant that he finally got to eat! Despite pressure from several people, Joey and I both felt that it was in Andrew's best interest to hold off food until 6 months. We read about it a lot and discussed it with our pediatrician. Here is his very first bite of rice cereal.
On the second bite, he started trying to help me. He really wanted me to let him feed himself, but I did not want him to jam the spoon into his gums.
Give that to me, Mom!
He has a highchair, but he is not quite able to sit up yet. We used his bouncey seat, but hopefully we will pull out the highchair soon. His dad did this to him:
Andrew is really developing his own personality. He loves when you get really close to his face and say "hey." That almost always cracks him up. He likes to grab noses and my hair. He is mesmerized with his brother, Ralph and watches his every move. He likes to sleep on his side now, and is becoming a better sleeper at night. He is an absolute joy for us. He continues to be what I consider an "easy baby." We are able to take him anywhere. When we sit down at a restaurant, I can see people's faces change---Aww, great. We have a baby next to us. I want to lean over and tell them that he is not going to fuss or cry, but I never do. Joey and Andrew are still big buddies. Andrew will turn his neck in every direction to find Joey when he speaks. They look more and more alike everyday, too.
Like his daddy, Andrew is quite the stud muffin!

Unfortunately, Andrew has battled sickness the last month. We have had ear infections and a lot of congestion. He is currently on an antibiotic and has to do two (10 minute) breathing treatments a day. Here he is doing his treatment with Joey.
Most babies wear a mask for the treatments, but Andrew seems to prefer the mouthpiece.
He seems to be getting better. He went to school on Friday and we were able to go to church this morning.

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