Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Before we could celebrate Christmas, we had to get his yucky 4 month shots out of the way. Here is my poor little buddy with his band-aids. He got a good report from the doctor. He was in the 75th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height. He continues to be a happy, easy baby. He does not sleep through the night-never has! He laughs a lot, and loves to be held up high and then brought back down. He will wake up and turn his head at the sound of Joey's voice. The two of them are inseparable. On his last day of school, his teachers sent him a present.
They made an ornament for him and gave him this picture.
Joey and I always get together with some friends the week of Christmas and watch the movie Christmas Vacation. Andrew joined in on the tradition this year.
Hanging out with Janna:
On Daddy's shoulders for the first time:
Looking at Christmas lights with Amy:
Our family went to Wetumpka to celebrate Christmas. John Marshall supervised as Joey got Andrew dressed for the Christmas Eve service at our church.
Andrew loves his cousin, John Marshall. Look at the HUGE difference between their eyes. John Marshall's couldn't be any bluer and Andrew's couldn't be any browner.
On Christmas morning, Santa Claus brought John Marshall a new tricycle.
John Marshall took his job of collecting trash very seriously. Here he is waiting for his mom to finish opening her present so that he can get her trash.
Andrew got way too many presents on his first Christmas!

Helping Daddy open more presents:
Joey and I also got a lot of great gifts. We racked up on gift cards!
Joey got new paintball equipment.
I continued a family tradition by getting this bracelet. The women in my family wear these slide bracelets with the birthstones of their children, grandchildren, and husbands on them. I got my bracelet and first slide (peridot for August) on Christmas morning.
We got so many wonderful presents. Another favorite was a painted picture of my Meemaw's house. I also got perfume, clothes, and more jewelry. Joey got Bama DVD's, clothes, and money.
After Christmas in Wetumpka, we drove back to Tuscaloosa to celebrate with the Glasgow side of our family.

Cade and Cole got new games for their DSi and new art supplies.

Joey and I opened Andrew's presents for him, but
he kept a close eye on us from Jan's lap!
As always, Uncle Jo Jo put everything together for the boys.
While we were at Paw Paw's house, Andrew ROLLED OVER for the first time!!!! All of the excitement was too much for our little man!
Santa Claus visited our house. He brought Andrew the exesaucer below, and I placed all of Andrew's other gifts around him from all of his family.
One of Andrew's favorite toys is a singing seahorse that he got named Simon.
The exesaucer was a big hit! Here are some pictures of him playing with his new toy:)


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