Tuesday, March 16, 2010

18 weeks

I am 18 weeks pregnant today! As far as I know, everything is going well with Andrew. We do not go to the doctor again until April 1st. He is now about 6 inches long, and everything that I read says that he is supposed to be 5 ounces by the 18th week. He was already 5 ounces at our 15 week appointment, so I am guessing that he is much larger now. According to several sources, he should now be the size of a large tomato.People are asking me if I am able to feel him yet, and honestly I am not sure. I feel "bubbles" in my stomach a lot, but I have not felt any kicks yet. I always feel the bubbles at night when I am still. I think that it is him, but I am really not sure. I am really trying to have a "complaint free" pregnancy. When people ask me how I am doing, I try really hard to be positive and to remember what a blessing it is to be carrying Andrew. I know several people struggling with infertility or recent miscarriages, so I want to always remember how lucky I am. With that being said, I must complain about one thing, and I will try to make this the only thing....holy cow, my heartburn is terrible! I never had heartburn until pregnancy, but I get it after pretty much anything that I eat! One new talent that Andrew has this week is the ability to yawn. One of the most amazing things about the 18th week is that Andrew can now hear! He listens to a lot of Travis Cottrell in the car and Ralph's purring when he's snuggled up next to me:)

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