Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Daycare

The boys started a new daycare yesterday, and they loved it! Nothing happened at our old daycare. We moved because:

1. The boys will now go to school with children who will attend the same kindergarten. 

2. I can see the daycare from my school. It took me almost 30 minutes to get to them each afternoon. When we dismissed for weather, it could take me an hour.

3. Because of the distance, I missed all class parties/performances. Now, I can use my PE time to walk over to attend these events.

4.Their new school offers gymnastics class and computer class.

5. All of the teachers at my school use this daycare, and they all love it.


I do have to pack lunches each day. This will be a big change, but the boys thought it was so cool to have lunchboxes. They will go twice a week during summer to help with the transition.  Yesterday, they were both tear free. Andrew even said, "Bye, Mama. Go to work!"



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