Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quick Updates

Andrew--2 years, 11 months
*Knows all letters and sounds
*Can often identify the initial sound of a word and tell me what letter the word begins with
*Completely potty trained at school, gets a little lazy at home
*Calls Joey, "Jody."
*Likes to be told 3 things before going to bed each night, and he always tells Joey these things as well: Night night, sweet dreams, Jesus loves you
*Checks to see if his belly is full by raising his shirt up and looking at his stomach

Joey-20 months
*Tons of words-only saying one word at a time with a few exceptions, such as "Roll Tide!"
*Gives kisses by rubbing his face against me
*Hates to brush his teeth
*Can't control the urge to dance when he hears Mickey's Hot Dog song
*Favorite food is watermelon
*Understands everything that we say
*Say "Thant-choo" at the appropriate times without being prompted or reminded

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