Sunday, April 7, 2013


Even though my boys are awesome, I thought that I might want to remember the things that got them in trouble.  Here are the most common offenses in our house:

*Biting, biting, and more biting- He gets "written up" multiple times a week at school.
*Trying to eat the small rocks out of our fireplace
*Pulling Ralph's tail

*Changing the words to "Old McDonald"-When he gets to the part where he is supposed to say an animal, he says, "...and on that farm he had to poo poo." A little boy in his class (with an older brother) taught him this, and he thinks it is hilarious. I do not.
*Telling us "no"
*Going potty on the floor

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  1. Haha, Andrew's list is funny! JM gets in trouble for using "potty words," too. If it makes you feel any better, it means that they are right where they need to be developmentally :)