Sunday, January 20, 2013


About 22 pounds
Size 4 diapers
18 month clothes

Favorite Food: EVERYTHING-I have not found one thing that he does not like.  He eats more than Andrew almost every night.  If I had to pick a favorite food, it would be cheese or kiwi.  Both of those make him scream and wave his arms with excitement.

Joey is such a sweet little guy.  He is my cuddle bug.  Even though he is 14 months old, he loves for me to hold him like a baby and just cuddle him.  He is spoiled rotten beyond belief because I have done this for so long.  The second I put him down, he cries for me.

Joey is a mama's boy.  He always has been.  With Andrew, it just depended on the day and his mood as to which parent he wanted.  Joey has just always wanted Mama.  I love his face whenever he sees me.  When I pick him up from school, everything on him looks happy.  He normally flaps his arms with excitement when he sees me.  I feel the same way about you, Buddy!

My favorite part of Joey's face is his eyes.  He has puppy dog eyes that look so sweet.  When he looks up at me with those eyes when we snuggle, it makes me so happy.  His favorite song for me to hum while we snuggle is "How Great Is Our God."

Joey likes to sleep at night.  He is not a big fan of the afternoon naps.  He has a very strange way of letting us know that he is tired.  He stands on his head.  Yes, I promise that is true.  I know that he is ready for bed when he starts standing on his head.  It is so funny and also very helpful because I know exactly when to put him down each night. 

Joey took his first steps at 12 months, and became a walker at 13 months.  Now, at 14 months, I call him a "wobbly walker."  He still falls often and walks with both hands in the air sometimes.  He is still in that phase where he makes me a little nervous when he gets going really fast.

Joey's first word was "ball."  He loves balls so much.  He plays with balls more than any other toy.  I know it sounds crazy because he is only 14 months old, but he has really good ball handling skills because he plays with them so much.  He also says, "Mama" and "bottle."  If his love for balls remains this strong, we will have a ball themed 2nd birthday party for sure!

Joey makes our family complete.  We all love him so very much.  He is such a kind and loving little guy.  I love how he snuggles up to me.  Whenver he is with me, he always wants to hold my hand.  I will miss that one day.  We love you, Little Buddy!

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