Monday, December 31, 2012

Reneau Christmas

We went to Wetumpka for 4 days this year for Christmas.  I did a terrible job taking pictures, so a lot of these are stolen from my sister's blog.  All four Glasgows were snuggled up watching TV when Susan took this picture of our hands.  Look at Baby Joey squeezing Andrew's pinky up top.  They are so sweet.
 Reading with Joey and Amelia:
 We trashed my mother's kitchen. All four of them created quite the mess during meals!
 Reading with John Marshall and Andrew:
 We went to my parents' church to do some riding one day. 

 On Christmas Eve, we wanted to get a picture of all 4 cousins.  This was the best that we could do!  My parents bought them each a Mickey beanbag.  I love how relaxed Baby Joey looks!

 The big boys used the IPAD to track Santa's progress.
 We left Santa some cookies, and threw some food in the front yard for the reindeer.
 Santa came! Both of our boys got new tricycles. 

 Joey checked out his stocking.
 Andrew got several books in his stocking.
 For about a month, Andrew has been asking for a new jacket for Christmas.  I do not know where this came from, but he has been consistent with his desire for a jacket.  Although he has several jackets, we had to get him another one.  It was the ONLY thing that he asked for.  He was SOOOO excited to open the jacket.
 I like this picture because it shows all 4 cousing opening/playing with presents.
Grandaddy and Joey:

 John Marshall lit the Christ candle before Christmas lunch.

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