Monday, October 1, 2012

Amelia Turns One!

Happy Birthday, Amelia!
Here I am with my boys before driving to Birmingham to celebrate.  Big Joey was in Germany:(

Amelia's family calls her Sister Bear.  Because of this, the theme of the party was the Berenstain Bears.  In case you are not familiar with them, here is the Bear Family.
Sister Bear:
 The Rathmell house was transformed into the Bear Family treehouse.  I thought that this was so creative.

 Here are some of the decorations for Sister Bear.

 Each table had a book on it.

 Here is the Rathmell Bear Family.  I think that it's funny that my sister had to wear a shower cap to look like Mama Bear!  They really did dress perfectly.
 Amelia had a lot of guests at her party.  Here is Grandmommy with two of her boys.
 Brother Bear and Sister Bear:
 Wild Cousins:

Mama Pat, Marshall, and Amelia:
 This is Amelia's best friend, Mia.
 I LOVE this picture of Andrew and John Marshall.
 Caleigh, Lynn, and Amy:
Sister Bear again:
Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Amelia.
Blowing out the candle:
We love you, sweet girl!  Happy Birthday!

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