Thursday, September 6, 2012


This was the scene outside of my house last Thursday.  There were actually 3 cop cars plus a fire truck.  So, here is what happened.  I picked the boys up from daycare and came home as usual.  When we got home, Joey was asleep in his carseat, so I took Andrew in the house.  As we were going inside, he was telling me that he was hungry.  Since I knew that Joey was asleep, I grabbed him a snack before going back to get Joey.  I put my keys on the kitchen island and walked back to get Joey.  When Joey and I tried to walk back into the house, the door would not open.  We had been having some trouble with that door, but I did not think that it was anything major.  I assumed that I could just push the door really hard and it would open because I had not locked it.  I put Joey back in his carseat and started trying to push the door open.  What started as a push turned into me getting a running start and slamming my body into the door.  It wasn't moving.
If you read the post about Andrew hurting his finger, then you know that I am not calm under pressure when it comes to my children.  I realized that Andrew was trapped inside, and I started shaking.  Big Joey was at work, so I was on my own with Baby Joey now crying in his carseat.  I tried to talk to myself (seriously-ha!) and prayed for guidance.  I went with the 911 option.  The operator wanted to keep me on the line, but I told her that I wanted to hang up and call my husband.
I called Joey, and he said that there was a spare set of keys in the truck!  I grabbed the keys, but they would not work.  By this time, the police were at the house.  He said that we had two choices-break a window or knock down the door.  This was after he had tried slamming his body in the door as well.  I went with busting down the door, which broke the frame of the door one day before we were supposed to be going out of town for the Alabama/Michigan game.
 When we got inside to Andrew, he was perfectly fine.  He said "hi-ye" to the officer, told him that he had a hot dog on his shirt, and offered him some juice.  This picture looks like he was upset, but he was not at all.  The officer laughed and said that it was the first time that he had ever busted down a door to find someone eating cookies and doing a puzzle.
 Once I calmed down, I was amazed by how God protected my family during those tense minutes.  Andrew doesn't normally go straight into his highchair when we come home, but the Lord knew that would keep him safe.  Actually, that is not even his highchair.   It is Joey's.  Andrew normally just sits at the table, but for whatever reason that it where I put him.  I was not worried that he was hungry during the 30 minutes he was alone in the house because he had a snack.  I could have put my phone down with my keys, but God's hand was in that, too. 

Oh, and the spare keys didn't work because I had the wrong set.  The actual spare set was....get ready for my purse...on my arm the whole time.  Ooops!

That night, we had a million things to do because we were leaving the boys with a babysitter to go to Texas the next day.  Now, we also had to add "fix the door" to that list.  In its current shape, we could not close the door and therefore could not put on our security system.

Joey was working on the door, and Andrew went and got his toy toolbox to help him.  It was so cute.  Notice that he is holding his orange hammer.

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