Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful and very busy Christmas. We started the day at our house where Santa came to see the boys, and Joey and I gave the boys the presents that we had bought for them. Here is Andrew looking at what Santa brought him. Andrew had to open Baby Joey's presents because this is what he did most of the day.

Andrew playing with new drum:

New laptop:

My sweet boys on their first Christmas together---notice that Joey's pacifier has fallen out.

Not a problem, Brother...I know how to work these things!

I loved Andrew's Christmas morning pajamas. Thanks, Randi!

I did a terrible job the rest of the day getting pictures. Thankfully, I did video some. I hate that I don't have a single picture of several of our family members. Anyway, we went to my sister's house in Birmingham for the day. My two Joeys talked to my mom, Amelia and Susan. Andrew and Aunt Amy:

Baby Joey:

Mama Pat (Marshall's grandmother) and Amelia:

Andrew liked rocking in John Marshall's chair with his Guncle Steve.

Andrew making a crazy face for the camera:

I wonder who he gets it from???

Our first Christmas together as a family of 4:

That night, we went to David's house.

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