Saturday, July 9, 2011

So Behind...

I don't know why I have had such a hard time motivating myself to blog lately. I will start with a few updates before sharing some pictures.

We are now 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant. It seems to be flying by. J/C is SO MUCH more active than Andrew. This baby kicks, moves, and flips all of the time. Andrew was never like that. At the time, I thought he was because I had nothing to compare him to, but now I realize how calm he was. This continues to be an easy pregnancy. I feel wonderful and have no complaints--except terrible heartburn. The next time I see Dr. Myers, I will have my glucose test. I failed this the first time with Andrew, so I am not looking forward to it. I find myself looking at newborn babies and getting really excited about this little one. The second time around is so fun because so much of the fear about labor and wondering if I will be able to figure out what I am doing as a new mother is gone. I just get to enjoy the pregnancy.

Andrew will be 11 months old in less than a week. He loves, loves, loves watermelon right now. He also has a strange obsession with ears. If allowed, he will pull, rub, or lick any ear. Sometimes, he likes to hold my earlobe while he falls asleep. Joey and I both think that he may skip crawling. He is able to hold himself up, but still just scoots around. He will not crawl. He has struggled with some breathing issues lately. It seemed like he could never get over his cough. I would take him to his pediatrician, give him the medicine prescribed and he would get better...for a couple of days. Then, he was start coughing again. We went back a week ago, and his doctor believes that he is showing the early signs of asthma. She gave him an inhaler to use before bed because he was waking himself up coughing and an emergency inhaler in case he had a coughing fit during the day. These seem to be working really well, but Joey and I both wanted to get a long term plan and a second opinion. We are taking him to a pediatric pulmonologist at Children's Hospital later this month.

So, here are some pictures from the last week. Andrew and I drove to Birmingham to see my friend, Christin and his friend, Jack. Once again, the boys played great together. They do occasionally try to steal pacis from each other, but that's about it.

Christin took both boys to the kitchen to eat a little lunch. Jack will be ONE on July 26th!

Our family went to Wetumpka for the 4th of July weekend. On Sunday, my brother preached his first sermon as the Senior Minister at Verbena United Methodist Church. After the service, Steve and Olivia hosted a lunch at their parsonage.

Olivia, an uncooperative Andrew, and Mama:

Andrew and his grandmommy read a story about kittens.

Guncle Steve, Andrew and Grandmommy:

We spent most of our time hanging out at my parents' house in Wetumpka. This is what we normally do to their den when we come!

My boys watched a James Bond movie marathon.

He played with cups in Grandmommy's kitchen while she cooked.

Swimming on the 4th:

Guncle Steve--John Marshall named him Guncle, and it really stuck. I think it's so cute!

Tonight, Andrew made his first trip to Toys R Us. He needed a toy that he could hold as he walks. We also bought some babyproofing things for our house and his dad threw a few extras in the cart!

Here are some things that he DIDN'T get, but that Da-da really wanted him to have. He does look precious in the yellow camaro!

Both of my boys LOVED this bull. Andrew would cackle (almost as much as Joey) as he rode it. I just couldn't see spending $50 on it, though. Joey said that if a bull randomly showed up in our house, he had nothing to do with it:)

Joey was trying to teach him to lift his arm like a real cowboy.

After Toys R Us, we went to Olive Garden. Everyone knows that the breadsticks are the best part of Olive Garden!

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  1. Emily, Dunkin has had a lot of breathing issues associated with asthma and allergies since the winter. We see a pulmonologist at Children's too. It was the best decision we made!